Goat cheese, semi-cured with paprika

The semi-cured goat cheese with paprika, made in La Vera by Nejosa and with all the affection of the world, is the perfect expression of love for things well done. Buy cheese from the Nejosa vera is a gesture that any pocket can afford.

How to consume cheese with paprika?
The truth is that what you have to worry about the most is to cut it with care and care. Everything else is in charge of this verato cheese. Serve it on a plate with bread, scold, piquitos … and enjoy the flavor so authentic that it leaves that taste in your mouth with a memory of the countryside, nature, impregnated with that soft layer of paprika that brings everything else.

Have it always available at dinners, snacks, family gatherings ,. Its extraordinary qualities will bring you all the flavor your palate seeks.

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