Quality politics


EMBUTIDOS NEJOSA considers a basic pillar for the development of its Quality Management System (QMS as of now), the establishment of a policy consistent with its quality objectives. For this purpose, Management assumes the leadership of the SGC and is committed to:

– Identify the weaknesses and strengths of the company, together with the threats and opportunities of the environment where it operates. All with the purpose of understanding its context and acting under clear strategic premises.

– Identify, communicate and update the legal requirements that are applicable according to Spanish legislation. Likewise, the company guarantees compliance with any other requirement that may be necessary to apply.

– Ensure the quality of the products you sell.

– To promote and encourage the full satisfaction of its customers and other interested parties based on the principles of quality management.

– Promote and promote the continuous improvement of the QMS and the processes that allow its operation.

– Integrate the SGC into the Organizational Structure as a constituent part thereof.

The management

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