Founders Nejosa Sausages – Emilio García Tovar and his wife Mrs. Vicenta Benitez Montero

The history of Embutidos Nejosa is an adventure in time of a family business. Started its journey in the early 80s in Jaraíz de la Vera, a town north of Extremadura in Cáceres, with the patriarchs of the family D. Emilio Garcia Tovar and his wife Doña Vicenta Benitez Montero which, with the help their children, opened their first store of pork meats located in the basement of their house.

With hard work, they sold the best meats from the animals they raised themselves in their farm and manufactured their own sausages and hams the tradicional way.

Over the following years, their sons with their spouses decided to launch the manufacturing and production business, focusing on Iberian products and opening new shops in their village, Jaraíz de la Vera.

Thanks to everyone’s effort, they expanded their pig farm and started of construction of what will be their first main meat factory, that continued to be expanded over the years depending on the needs, introducing technological advances without neglecting the traditional and artisanal process required for quality products. All of these make us a large business fully dedicated to the commercialization and distribution of authentic Iberian meats.

Currently, the business is managed by D. Santiago García Benítez (son of Emilio and Ms. Vicenta) with the invaluable help of his wife Mrs. Consuelo Rodriguez Arjona, both among other things are joined in the love for things well done, without forgetting the tradition and quality of each product.

Today, in the third generation, the daughters, Sara and Cristina García Rodríguez, decided to continue with this professional enterprise that have been living and learning since they were little girls. The daughters follow the same family tradition, as far as manufacturing and developing their products, and are opening new stores in different provinces in Spain as well as introducing their products in european new markets.